A staffing agency is a business that fills jobs for employers. In many developed countries, there are several privately owned employment agencies and a federal government that act as staffing agencies. There are many private companies in the United States that act as staffing agencies and have helped lift the burden off of small businesses that often had to employ temp employees and staff. These staffing agencies have helped businesses that may have felt the pinch of filling positions, especially in times of slow business growth.

So what is a staffing agency? According to Wikipedia (a website that provides information on many different topics),

a “staffing agency (also known as a temp agency or staffing firm) is a company that places temporary workers and staff in specific positions for a business, usually by contract. Staffing agencies allow employers to fill positions when they are not staffed by permanent staff and then make compensation for these positions. They are also a key supplier of labour to larger enterprises, such as restaurants.” Another key takeaway from this article is that there is flexibility in the staffing agencies’ requirements. An employer can use a staffing agency to fill positions when their regular employees are not available, as long as the temp employees have skills that the company requires.

One of the biggest issues with many companies and recruitment agencies is the misconception that there is only one way in which to find permanent positions. This misconception leads to many companies/recruiters advertising positions on placements sites such as Facebook and Monster. While these websites do provide valuable exposure for both the company and the job seeker, they do not help companies find permanent positions. This is because the bulk of these placements are short term.

The reality is that hiring processes can take months. It can even take years. With this in mind, it can be very frustrating for many companies to turn away good candidates and high quality candidates for long-term positions, simply because the hiring process has taken too long. This frustration is also amplified for those candidates who are unable to commit to long-term employment.

A common misconception of an HR staffing agency is that they only provide temporary or part time positions.

The reality is that HR staffing agencies offer a diverse range of services. The services include:

As previously mentioned, recruitment agencies can act as a clearing house for job openings. However, there are certain instances where you want to have the full responsibility and authority over who the workers are. In the case of temporary positions, you want to have complete control over who the workers are and how they are assigned. This gives you a better hand when it comes to hiring the most effective workers.

  • Some HR staffing agencies provide a huge range of services beyond the temporary work.
  • These services can include interviewing workers, interviewing them again, managing their details and passing on the information to you.
  • An HR staffing agency can also train employees, conduct background checks, give you the necessary documents to request a change in positions,

and train their staff so that they understand exactly what your expectations are. For example, it may be possible to hire people with less than stellar credentials if the position is temporary, and then train them with the standards you expect of permanent employees.

When you work with a staffing agency that offers a full range of services, you have more flexibility and the freedom to meet your staffing needs whenever you need to. Many of these agencies also specialize in a particular field, such as recruiting IT professionals, helping to secure jobs within the larger business community or focusing on recruiting entry-level professionals to become full-time employees. Ultimately, hiring a reliable HR staffing agency is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.